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LM3668Q1 Synchoronous buck-boost DC/DC converter EVM for automotive application



  • Only single voltage input from 2.7V~5.5V is required to operate the EVM - EN and VDD are tied to Vin
  • Max operating temperature is 125°C (all components on EVM operate up to 125°C)
  • Output voltage = 4.5V or 5V selectable with 3 pin jumper option

Texas Instruments  LM3668Q1EVM

LM3668Q1EVM is an eval platform for a synchronous single inductor buck-boost DC/DC converter supporting Vin = 2.7V ~5.5V, Max load = 1000mA, Vout = 4.5V or 5.0V and can be used to evaluate for automotive applications such as automotive safety camera, infotainment power, and more.