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LM3678SD-1.2 Evaluation Board



  • VOUT = 0.8V to 1.2V
  • VIN = 2.5V to 5.5V
  • 1.5A maximum load capability
  • 3.3MHz PWM fixed switching frequency (typ.) allows the use of 1 µH inductor
  • +/- 3% DC output voltage precision
  • 0.01 m A typical shutdown current
  • Internal soft start
  • Currnt overload and thermal shutdown protection


  • PDAs and Smart Phones
  • Personal Media Players
  • W-LAN
  • USB Modem Applications
  • Digital still Cameras
  • Portable Hard disk drives

Texas Instruments  LM3678SD-1.2EV

The LM3691 step-down DC-DC converter is optimized for powering low voltage circuits from a single Li-Ion cell battery and input voltage rails from 2.5V to 5.5V. It provides up to 1.5A load current, over the entire input voltage range. The LM3678 offers a 0.8V/1.2V option. One of the pair of voltages is set through the VSELECT pin.

The LM3678 evaluation board is a working demonstration of a synchronous buck DC-DC converter. The application note contains information about the evaluation board. For more details and electrical characteristics about the converter operation, please refer to the LM3678 datasheet.