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Ultra-high-precision shunt voltage reference

Availability: 6,816


Package | PIN: SOT-23 (DBV) | 5
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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1-9 $3.61
10-24 $3.25
25-99 $3.02
100-249 $2.65
250-499 $2.49
500-749 $2.11
750-999 $1.78
1,000+ $1.70


  • High Output Voltage Accuracy 0.05%
  • Low Temperature Coefficient 10 ppm/°C
  • Extended Temperature Operation -40-125°C
  • Excellent Thermal Hysteresis, 75ppm
  • Excellent Long-Term Stability, 40ppm
  • High Immunity to Board Stress Effects
  • Capable of Handling 50 mA Transients
  • Voltage Options 2.5V, 4.096V
  • SOT-23 Package

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Texas Instruments  LM4030AMF-2.5/NOPB

The LM4030 is an ultra-high precision shunt voltage reference, having exceptionally high initial accuracy (0.05%) and temperature stability (10ppm/°C). The LM4030 is available with fixed voltage options of 2.5V and 4.096V. Despite the tiny SOT-23 package, the LM4030 exhibits excellent thermal hysteresis (75ppm) and long-term stability (40ppm) as well as immunity to board stress effects.

The LM4030 is designed to operate without an external capacitor, but any capacitor up to 10µF may be used. The LM4030 can be powered off as little as 120µA (max) but is capable of shunting up to 30mA continuously. As with any shunt reference, the LM4030 can be powered off of virtually any supply and is a simple way to generate a highly accurate system reference.

The LM4030 is available in three grades (A, B, and C). The best grade devices (A) have an initial accuracy of 0.05% with ensured temperature coefficient of 10 ppm/°C or less, while the lowest grade parts (C) have an initial accuracy of 0.15% and a temperature coefficient of 30 ppm/°C.