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High Voltage Class H Ceramic Speaker Driver with Automatic Level Control



  • Class H topology maximizes power savings
  • Integrated Boost Converter minimizes solution size
  • Audio and haptic modes


  • 1X LM48560TLEVAL board
  • 1x USB/I2C board
  • Connector cable

Texas Instruments  LM48560TLEVAL

The LM48560TLEVAL provides an evaluation platform for the LM48560. The LM48560 is a high voltage, high efficiency, Class H driverfor ceramic speakers and piezo actuators. The LM48560's Class H architecture offers significant power savings compared to traditional Class AB amplifiers. The device provides 30VP-P output drive while consuming just 4mA of quiescent current from a 3.6V supply.

The LM48560TLEVAL demonstrates TI's unique automatic level control (ALC) that provides output limiter functionality. The LM48560TLEVAL features two fully differential inputs with separate gain settings, and a selectable control interface. In software control mode, the gain control and device modes are configured through the I2C interface. In hardware control mode, the gain and input mux are configured through a pair of logic inputs.