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LM48580 High Votlage Driver for Ceramic Speakers and Piezo Actuators



  • 30Vp-p Output Voltage
  • Differential Input
  • Small Footprint DSBGA

Texas Instruments  LM48580EVM

The LM48580EVM evaluation module provides users with a simplistic design that is capable of assessing all the features of the LM48580 through hardware settings. The LM48580 can drive up to 30Vp-p output while consuming just 2.7 mA of quiescent current from a 3.6-V supply. The gain and shutdown pins can be configured using jumpers to test all the features of the LM48580. The gain pin has three settings for 18dB, 24dB, and 30dB. The LM48580 has a low power shutdown mode that reduces quiescent current consumption to 0.5 μA. The input terminal allows for a fully differential analog input, and the resulting signal can be monitored at the output terminal.