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1W, Bypass-Capacitor-less Audio Power Amplifier with Internal Selectable Gain

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Features for the LM4906LDBD

  • Selectable gain of 6dB (2V/V) or 12dB (4V/V)
  • No output or PSRR bypass capacitors required
  • Improved Click and Pop suppression circuitry
  • Very fast turn on time: 5ms (typ)
  • Minimum external components
  • 2.6 - 5.5V operation
  • BTL output can drive capacitive loads
  • Ultra low current shutdown mode (SD Low)
  • LLP footprint is 18% smaller than the MSOP footprint


  • Portable computers
  • Desktop computers
  • Multimedia monitors


Description for the LM4906LDBD

The LM4906 is capable of delivering 1W of continuous average power to an 8Ω BTL load with less than 1% distortion (THD+N) from a +5V power supply in a small LLP package.

It is the first Texas Instruments Boomer Power Amplifier that does not require an external PSRR bypass capacitor. In addition, no output coupling capacitors or bootstrap capacitors are required which makes the LM4906 ideally suited for cell phone and other low voltage portable applications.

This LM4906LDBD is an evaluation board designed to ease the evaluation and effort during the development of a circuit using the LM4906LD. It is an easy to use stand-alone board that requires power and GND, an input signal and an output load.