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Negative Hot Swap Inrush Current Controller with Power Limiting Evaluation Module



  • Wide operating range: -9V to -80V
  • In-rush current limit for safe board insertion into live power sources
  • Programmable maximum power dissipation in the external pass device
  • Adjustable current limit
  • Circuit breaker function for severe over-current events
  • Adjustable under-voltage lockout (UVLO) and hysteresis
  • Adjustable over-voltage lockout (OVLO) and hysteresis
  • Initial insertion timer allows ringing and transients to subside after system connection
  • Programmable fault timer avoids nuisance trips
  • Active high open drain POWER GOOD output
  • Available in latched fault and automatic restart versions


  • Server Backplane Systems
  • In-Rush Current Limiting
  • Solid State Circuit Breaker
  • Transient Voltage Protector
  • Solid State Relay
  • Under-Voltage Lock-Out
  • Power Good Detector/Indicator


Texas Instruments  LM5067EVAL

The LM5067EVAL evaluation board provides the design engineer with a fully functional hot swap controller board designed for negative voltage systems. This board contains an LM5067-2, the auto restart version of this IC. This application note describes the various functions of the board, how to test & evaluate it, and how to change the components for a specific application. The LM5067 data sheet is available from www.ti.com.