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Negative Voltage Hot Swap Controller



  • Safe module insertion and removal from live backplanes
  • In-rush current limiting for safe board insertion into live backplanes
  • Fast response to over-current fault conditions with active current limiting
  • -10 V to -90 V input range
  • Programmable under-voltage/over-voltage shutdown protection with adjustable hystereis
  • Prgrammable multi-function timer for board insertion de-bounce delay
  • Fault timer avoids nuisance trips caused by short duration load transients
  • Active gate clamping during intitial power application
  • Available in both latched fault and automatic re-try versions
  • Available with either active HIGH or active LOW power good flag


  • -48 V Power Modules
  • Central Office Switching
  • Distributed Power Systems
  • Electronic Circuit Breaker
  • PBX Systems
  • Negative Power Supply Control


Texas Instruments  LM5068EVAL

LM5068 Negative Voltage Hot Swap Controller