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LM5160DNTFBKEVM Fly-Buck Isolated Bias Supply Evaluation Board



  • 18V to 32V input voltage range
  • 8V target primary output voltage and 12V secondary isolated output
  • Can deliver up to 400mA output secondary load with primary unloaded
  • FPWM pin connected directly to Vcc

Texas Instruments  LM5160DNTFBKEVM

The LM5160DNTFBK evaluation module is designed to operate from a 24V nominal bus with an input voltage range of 18V to 32V.  It is capable of supplying 12V/400 mA to the load at the isolated output.  The nominal switching frequency is 300kHz.  The high side and low side MOSFETs are integrated in the LM5160.  The EVM board is designed to demonstrate a small solution size for low-power, isolated bias applications.