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LM5161 Wide VIN Synchronous Buck Converter Constant On-Time Evaluation Module



  • 15V to 80V input voltage range
  • 12V target output voltage
  • Delivers up to 1.0A output load current
  • FPWM mode pin feature to choose between CCM and DCM

Texas Instruments  LM5161PWPBKEVM

The LM5161PWPBKEVM evaluation board provides a fully functional buck regulator, employing the constant on-time (COT) operating principle. This evaluation board provides a 12-V output over an input range of 15V to 80 V. The circuit delivers load currents to 1.0 A. The application schematic is setup up to operate from a 48 V nominal bus. The nominal switching frequency is approximately 300 kHz. The high side and low side MOSFETs are integrated inside the LM5161.