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LM5170 48V-12V Bidirectional Converter Evaluation Module



  • Buck Mode: 48V-port voltage range 6V to 75V;  12V-port voltge regulated at 14.5V
  • Boost Mode: 12V-port voltage range 3V to 48V;  48V-port voltge regulated at 50.5V
  • Max dc current into or out of the 12V-port is 60A
  • Built-in analog voltage loop control, while it also accept MCU digital voltage loop control through interface connectors
  • Daisy chain multi phase capable for interleaved 3, 4, 6, 8 phases operation to support higher power

Texas Instruments  LM5170EVM-BIDIR

The LM5170EVM-BIDIR is a high performance dual phase bi-directional converter ideal for 48V-12V dual battery system applications.  The two phases operate in 180degree interleaved operation, and they evenly share a max dc current of up to 60A.  When DIR is set to 1 the power flows from the 48V port to the 12V port, and the 12V port voltage is regulated at about 14.5V.  When DIR is set to 0 the power flows from the 12V port to the 48V port, 48V port voltage is regulated at about 50.5V.  The EVM also includes various jumpers to flexibly and conveniently configure the circuit to fit for many different use cases, including the capability of being controlled by MCU, high power unidirectional buck or boost converters, etc.