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LM5175EVM Wide Vin Single Inductor Buck-Boost Controller Evaluation Module



  • Step-up or step-down DC-DC conversion from a 6V to 42V input supply
  • Regulated 12V output with load current rating up to 6A
  • Switching frequency set at 300KHz with optional synchronization to an external clock
  • Hiccup mode fault protection and frequency dithering selectable through test points
  • Optional average input or output current limiting supported with minor board changes

Texas Instruments  LM5175EVM

The LM5175EVM is a four-switch non-inverting buck-boost converter based on the LM5175 controller.  This converter is designed to operate with input voltage from 6V to 42V and provide a regulated 12V output for  load current up to 6A.  The high efficiency transition region control method of the LM5175 produces peak efficiency of 98.4% with an output voltage of 12V.  The switching frequency is set at 300kHz and can be synchronized by an external clock signal.