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LM5175EVM-HP Wide VIN 4-Switch Buck-Boost Converter High Power EVM



  • Wide input voltage range from 6V to 36V
  • 12V nominal output voltage and up to 10A output current capability (120W output power)
  • Constant Output Voltage and Constant Output Current Options
  • Optional frequency dithering
  • Optional parallel FET sites provide flexibility to further extend output power capability

Texas Instruments  LM5175EVM-HP

The LM5175EVM-HP high power EVM is fully assembled and tested platform for evaluating the operation and performance of the LM5175 4-switch buck-boost controller. The LM5175EVM-HP has an input voltage range from 6V to 36V, the output voltage is set as 12V using an external feedback resistor divider. The output current is up to 10A and the output power is up to 120W.