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Reverse Polarity Protection Smart Diode Controller Evaluation Module



  • Maximum Reverse Voltage: -45V
  • Fast Response to Dynamic Current Reversal <10μs
  • Maxium Input Voltage is Drain-Source voltage of the MOSFET: 40V
  • Maximum Load Current is Drain Current (Id): 75A
  • Zero Iq and Low Reverse Leakage Current
  • Meets Automotive ISO7637 and CISPR25 Requirements

Texas Instruments  LM74670-SQEVM

The LM74670-SQEVM evaluation module demostrates reverse polarity protection as a replacement of Schottkey Diodes and P-Channel MOSFETs. In this reverse polarity protection solution the LM74670 Smart Diode Controller is used to provide a gate drive for 40V (VDS) external N-Channel MOSFET. The LM74670-SQEVM emulates an ideal diode properties when connected in series with a power supply. When a negative voltage is senced at the Input, the LM74670 pulls down the MOSFET gate and isolates the connected load from the power supply. The TVS voltage clamping diodes D1_1 and D1_2 make LM74670-SQEVM safe for ISO7637 transient pulse testing.