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LM9061EVM High-Side Protection Controller Evaluation Module



  • Over-Voltage Protection Shut-OFF: 30V
  • Over-Current Protection Latch-OFF: 10 A
  • Current Sense Resistor Not Required. Minimizes Power Loss with High Current Loads.
  • Programmable Delay of Protection Latch-OFF with external capacitor

Texas Instruments  LM9061EVM

The LM9061EVM evaluation module demonstrates high-side protection to a connected load from over-current and over-voltage conditions.  An ON/OFF input controls the gate drive to a high-side MOSFET. Over-current protection is performed by monitoring the voltage drop (VDS) across the MOSFET, which is compared against an externally programmable threshold voltage.  Should the VDS voltage, due to excessive load current, exceed the threshold voltage, the load is disconnected from the input supply by shutting off the gate drive to the MOSFET.  A current sensing resistor in series with the load is not required for the protection circuitry, allowing greater efficiency with high current loads.