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Dual Channel, 14-Bit, 40 MSPS Analog Front End with LVDS Output



Texas Instruments  LM98640CVAL

The LM98640CVAL Board is designed to allow quick evaluation and design development of TI's LM98640QML Analog Front End. This development board is designed to function in several different configurations.

The primary configuration connects the LM98640QML evaluation board to TI's Wavevision 5 Data Capture Board (WV5). The AFEval software is used to communicate to the LM98640QML's SPI port as well as retrieve Data Output from the device for display or external analysis. The present revision of the WV5 board is limited to 30k samples per channel. Future revisions will allow for very deep memory capture (up to 8MB total).

The LM98640QML evaluation board also comes with an auxiliary adapter card. This card allows the LM98640QML output to be routed to one of three connectors for external data capture and analysis. To facilitate this configuration, a Total Phase Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter is supplied to perform the SPI communication using the AFEval tool. A PCB footprint for and external clock oscillator is provided on board to allow testing without the need of an external clock source. An SMA connection is available for connecting an external clock source when a variable frequency may be desired.

The power supply for the LM98640QML and surrounding circuitry can be made through the WV5 board or from external bench top supplies when the WV5 board is not being implemented. The CCD signal inputs are made via SMD type connections. The signals can be routed directly to the AFE, AC coupled, emitter follower buffered, or sent into a video multiplexer to create a CCD type signal from a non CCD source.