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Dual Micropower Rail-to-Rail Output Single Supply Operational Amplifier

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Package | PIN: SOIC (D) | 8
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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  • (Typical, VS = 2.2V)
  • Output Swing to Within 30 mV of Supply Rail
  • High Voltage Gain 103 dB
  • Gain Bandwidth Product 9.5 KHz
  • Ensured for: 2.2V, 5V, 10V
  • Low Supply Current 0.95 µA/Amplifier
  • Input Voltage Range −0.3V to V+ -0.9V
  • 2.1 µW/Amplifier Power Consumption
  • Stable for AV ≥ +2 or AV ≤ −1

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Texas Instruments  LMC6442AIMX/NOPB

The LMC6442 is ideal for battery powered systems, where very low supply current (less than one microamp per amplifier) and Rail-to-Rail output swing is required. It is characterized for 2.2V to 10V operation, and at 2.2V supply, the LMC6442 is ideal for single (Li-Ion) or two cell (NiCad or alkaline) battery systems.

The LMC6442 is designed for battery powered systems that require long service life through low supply current, such as smoke and gas detectors, and pager or personal communications systems.

Operation from single supply is enhanced by the wide common mode input voltage range which includes the ground (or negative supply) for ground sensing applications. Very low (5 fA, typical) input bias current and near constant supply current over supply voltage enhance the LMC6442's performance near the end-of-life battery voltage.

Designed for closed loop gains of greater than plus two (or minus one), the amplifier has typically 9.5 KHz GBWP (Gain Bandwidth Product). Unity gain can be used with a simple compensation circuit, which also allows capacitive loads of up to 300 pF to be driven, as described in the section.