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LMG1020 GaN Low-side Driver + GaN FET LiDAR Evaluation Module


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  • Demonstrates driver capability of 1ns pulses >50A
  • Extremely short propagation delay: 2.5ns typical, 4.5ns max
  • 210 ps typical rise/fall time
  • Schmitt-trigger type CMOS inputs for robustness
  • Advanced layout with >500pH of inductace

Texas Instruments  LMG1020EVM-006

The LMG1020EVM-006 is a small, easy-to-use power stage for LIDAR laser drive. The EVM includes an integrated resistive load, (laser not included) and takes a short-pulse input that can either be buffered (and shortened further), or passed directly to the power stage. The board can demonstrate nanosecond laser pulses for high resolution LIDAR and ToF systems.