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LMH6401EVM Evaluation Module



  • Configured for split-supply operation and easily modified for single supply.
  • Designed for DC- or AC-coupled differential input and output connection.
  • Simple interface to the inputs and outputs through SMA connectors.
  • USB connector and FTDI USB-to-SPI bus-translator chip to successfully program the DVGA gain registers.

Texas Instruments  LMH6401EVM

The LMH6401 Evaluation module (EVM) is used to evaluate the single LMH6401, digitally-controlled variable-gain amplifier (DVGA) in a 16-lead high-performance RF package.  The EVM is designed to quickly and easily demonstrate the functionality and performance of LMH6401 across all the gain settings.  The EVM is ready to connect to power supplies, signal source, USB, and test instruments through the use of onboard connectors.  The board is setup for differential input and output operation.  It requires an external 180° phase-shifted combiner(s) to convert single-ended signals to differential signals, for ease of use with standard single-ended 50-Ω laboratory equipment.  By default, the LMH6401EVM powers up to the -12dB or minimum gain setting with the board supporting single-supply or split-supply operation.  An USB connector on the EVM facilitates programming of the DVGA gain registers using an FTDI USB-to-SPI bus translator chip.