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LMK00804BEVM 4-Output Low-Jitter Differential/LVCMOS-to-LVCMOS Fanout Buffer Evaluation Board


  1. Easy to use evaluation board to fan-out up to 4 LVCMOS clocks with low phase noise/jitter
  2. Accepts differential or single-ended/LVCMOS input clock
  3. Device control pins configurable through jumpers
  4. Board power at 3.3-V for VDD and VDDO (single supply), or 2.5-/1.8-/1.5-V for VDDO (dual supply)

Texas Instruments  LMK00804BEVM

The LMK00804B is a low skew, high performance clock fanout buffer, which distributes up to four LVCMOS/LVTTL outputs (3.3V, 2.5V, 1.8V, or 1.5V levels).  The clocks are derived from one of two selectable inputs, which can accept differential or single-ended input signals. This evaluation module (EVM) is designed to demonstrate the functionality and electrical performance of the LMK00804B device.  For optimum performance, the board is equipped with 50-ohm SMA connectors and 50-ohm controlled impedance traces.