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Two Input, 6+1 Output, Clock Jitter Cleaner With Dual Cascaded PLLs and Integrated 2.9 GHz VCO



  • LMK04208 with two clock inputs and up to 6 differential outputs from PLL2, or up to 3 output from PLL1
  • Onboard 122.88 MHz VCXO for dual loop testing, re-workable for use with other devices or external sources

Texas Instruments  LMK04208EVM

LMK04208EVM allows evaluation of the LMK04208 with test equipment or other evaluation boards to verify block or system requirements for use in a specific application.  The LMK04208 EVM is pre-populated with a 122.88 MHz VCXO for dual loop operation.  The VCXO can be substituted if a different VCXO frequency is required or a specific VCXO is desired for performance evaluation.  The board can be reworked to disable the VCXO and connect an external reference to the OSCin port for PLL2 single loop operation.  The CLKin1 input can also be used to operate the board in a clock divide/delay/fanout configuration.  The LMK04208 is a versitle device and the LMK04208 allows evaluation of the LMK04208 in its many configurations.