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LMP91051 Evaluation Module



  • Data capturing and evaluations are simplified by connecting the LMP91051EVM Board to a SPIO-4 Digital Controller Board (SPIO-4 board) and PC via USB and running the Sensor AFE software

  • Software will display the LMP91051’s analog output in time domain and histogram

  • Software allows customers to write to and read from registers, to configure the device’s gain, output offset, and common mode voltage, and most importantly, to configure and learn about the LMP91051

Texas Instruments  LMP91051EVM

The LMP91051 evaluation board (LMP91051EVM) can be used as stand-alone or as part of Sensor AFE eval platform (refer to the Sensor AFE platform page for software and required hardware). The LMP91051 can be configured via the SPI interface and allows for testing the device with thermopile sensors, as typically used in NDIR applications.