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LMP93601 Thermopile Sensor Interface Evaluation Module



  • USB Interface
  •  Simple GUI interface for rapid evaluation of the LMP93601 features
  •  Connector for interfacing to a range of sensors

Texas Instruments  LMP93601EVM

The LMP93601EVM is a demonstration kit for the LMP93601, a three channel analog-front-end (AFE) including a 16-bit high performance low noise delta-sigma (ΔΣ) converter (ADC), and a very high gain stage. The LMP93601EVM is equipped with a MSP430F5529 micro-controller giving the user all the circuitry needed to evaluate various feature for the AFE. The board can be used with a variety of thermopile occupancy detector arrays, thermopile flow sensors, and a range of transducers connected in a bridge configuration.  The board is interfaced to a host computer (PC) via USB interface. A graphical user interface (GUI) software is available from Texas Instruments website to allow the evaluation platform to run with a PC.