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LMR10510 Small Footprint LLP Buck Regulator 3 MHz 1A Demo Board


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  • 3.0V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
  • 1.8V Output Voltage (Default Setting)
  • 1A Output Current
  • Switching Frequency of 3 MHz
  • Small Solution Size (13 mm x 12 mm)

Texas Instruments  LMR10510YSDDEMO/NOPB

The LMR10510/LMR10515/LMR10520 is a PWM DC/DC buck (step-down) regulator. With a switching frequency of 3MHz or 1.6MHz the overall solution size is very compact and requires a minimum number of components. The LMR10510/LMR10515/LMR10520 Demo Board is designed to provide the design engineer with a fully functional power converter to evaluate the LMR10510/LMR10515/LMR10520 series of buck regulators. The demo board comes populated with either the LMR10510Y, LMR10515Y, or LMR10520Y but can easily be modified to accommodate any of the LMR10510/LMR10515/LMR10520 regulator ICs.