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LMS3655-Q1 5.5A, 5V Synchronous, 400kHz, Step-Down Converter Evaluation Module



  • High Efficiency with 400kHz and Auto Light Mode PFM/PWM or Forced PWM Mode operation
  • /RESET Power Good output with 3ms delay on timer
  • Low EMI
  • Fully Synchronous with integrated HS and LS FET

Texas Instruments  LMS3655MQEVM

The LMS3655MQEVM evaluation module (EVM) demonstrates the capabilities of the LMS3655-Q1 automotive integrated buck converter. For optimized EMI performance, the LMS3655-Q1 has Spread Spectrum built in and the  EVM has an EMI filter on the back side that assists with noise reduction. The user can choose to bypass that EMI filter using  VIN1/GND1 posts. The EVM operates from a 3.8V to 36V input (up to 42V transients) and provides an adjustable 5V output at 5.5A continuous load.