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Evaluation Board for the LMV834 3.3MHz EMI Hardened Operation Amplifier.



Texas Instruments  LMV834MTEVAL

TI's LMV834 is a CMOS input, low power op amp IC, providing a low input bias current, a wide temperature range of -40°C to +125°C and exceptional performance, making this IC a robust general purpose part. To demonstrate the EMI robustness of the LMV834 and to be able to measure the parameter EMIRR, an evaluation board has been developed. A description of the evaluation board and how to perform EMIRR measurements can be found in Application Note AN-1867. Focus of AN-1867 is on one of the input pins as those are the most sensitive to EMI. Based on symmetry considerations, it can be expected that both inputs have the same EMIRR. For simplicity of the required schematic only the measurement of pin IN+ is selected. For information about EMI and EMIRR on other pins of the device refer to the detailed description found in Application Note AN-1698.