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LMX2492 Evaluation Module



  • -227 dBc/Hz Normalized PLL Noise in Fractional Mode
  • 500 MHz to 14 GHz Wideband PLL
  • 3.15V to 5.5V Charge Pump PLL Voltage
  • Integrated FMCW Ramp / Chirp Generation
  • FSK / PSK Modulation
  • Excellent Ramp Linearity
  • 200 MHz Maximum Phase Detector Frequency
  • Integrated LDO for Digital Supply
  • Frequency / Phase Modulation Terminal
  • Able to Operate in Single 3.3V Supply

Texas Instruments  LMX2492EVM

The LMX2492EVM supports evaluation of the LMX2492 and LMX2492-Q1 which is an ultra-low noise 14 GHz wideband RF PLL with ramp/chirp generation, consisting of a delta-sigma fractional N PLL, phase detector, programmable 5V charge pump and high frequency divider for the VCO. The LMX2492 supports a broad and flexible class of ramping capabilities. It is able to generate FSK and PSK modulation, triangular, sawtooth and customizable ramp pattern. In addition, it supports fine PLL resolution and fast ramp with up to 200 MHz phase detector rate. The LMX2492 allows any of its registers to be read back through a 3-wire interface, and includes digital lock detect, programmable charge pump current and output power. The LMX2492 can operate with a single 3.3V supply. Moreover, the 5V charge pump eliminates the need of external op-amp, leading to improved phase noise performance.