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High Performance Frequency Synthesizer System with Integrated VCO



Texas Instruments  LMX25311742EVAL

The LMX2531LQ1742 Evaluation Board simplifies evaluation of the LMX2531LQ1742 PLL/VCO synthesizer system. The board enables all performance measurements with no additional support circuitry. The evaluation board consists of a LMX2531LQ1742 device, and a cable assembly. The cable assembly is bundled with the evaluation board for connecting to a PC through the parallel printer port. By means of MICROWIRETM serial port emulation, the CodeLoader software included can be run on a PC to facilitate the LMX2531LQ1742 internal register programming for the evaluation and measurement. In addition to this cable assembly, there is a microwire buffer board that ensures that the proper voltage levels are provided to the microwire inputs and also this reduces digital noise from computers through the parallel port.