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LMX2581EVM Evaluation Module



  • LED to indicate lock
  • Accomidations for on board external VCO or external oscillator input
  • Serial control through USB

Texas Instruments  LMX2581EVM

The LMX2581 Wideband frequency synthesizer allows the generation of a broad range of frequencies with excellent phase noise. The LMX2581 Reference Board (LMX2581EVM) is designed to assist in the evaluation of the LMX2581 in a system, as well as serve as a reference design for the customer’s system. All that are required, in addition to the Reference Board kit, in order to use it are a PC and phase noise analyzer. This evaluation board can be evaluated and controlled via CodeLoader, which has been developed for use with it. The CodeLoader software gives full control over the device as well as being able to be called through Active X through programs such as Excel and Labview. The features of this board are designed to allow for maximum flexibility and convenience. The default configuration has an XO and both differential outputs attached. However, components can be changed to allow an external signal generator to drive this. In addition to this, an external VCO can also be added with a passive or active loop filter.