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I/Q demodulator evaluation module


  • Adjustable Image Rejection Tuning (Gain/Phase)
  • Mixer Bias Tuning for Improved IP2
  • Automatic Output DC Offset Correction to Within 1mV
  • Configurable External VCM for Glueless ADC Connection
  • Mux for Internal or External LO Synthesizer
  • Internal LO Synthesizer Phase Synchronization

Texas Instruments  LMX8410LEVM

The LMX8410LEVM is designed for evaluating LMX8410L, which is a 5-10 GHz downconverter with fully integrated LO synthesizer, mixer, and 1GHz differential quadrature output amplifiers. This EVM showcases the features of the LMX8410L, including adjustable image rejection and IP2 performance tuning, automatic output DC offset correction and optional external common mode voltage biasing, use of internally or externally generated LO, and internal LO phase synchronization across multiple parts. This EVM includes a USB2ANY for convenient programming of internal settings using TI’s TICSPRO configuration GUI.