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1.5A FlexCap Low Dropout Linear Regulator for 2.7V to 5.5V Inputs Evaluation Board (LLP8)



Texas Instruments  LP38502ASD-EV

This evaluation board highlights the LP38502ASD-Adj, a 1.5A Low-Dropout (LDO) linear regulator in the LLP-8 package which has an adjustable out-put voltage (set by external resistors).

Changing the Output Voltage

The resistors R1 and R2 set the output voltage. The equation to determine output voltage is:

          VOUT=VADJ x (1 + R1/R2)

          Where VADJ is typically 0.6V.

          The board has installed values of:
          R1 = 19.1KΩ
          R2 = 6.04kΩ

Which sets the output to 2.5V. R1 can be adjusted to change the normal output voltage to other values. The minimum output voltage which can be set is the ADJ pin voltage, which is approximately 0.6V. This is obtained by installing a jumper or low value resistor (less than 10Ω) at R1. The maximum usable output voltage is limited by the maximum input voltage which is 5.5V. Since rated dropout voltage at full current is 0.375V, this means the maximum usable output voltage for full current operation is about 5.1V.