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3A Fast Response Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator



  • Conversions from 2.5V rail to 1.8V
  • Stable with ceramic capacitors
  • Low ground pin current
  • Load regulation of 0.1% for 10 mA to 3A load current
  • 60 µA typical quiescent current in shutdown mode
  • Guaranteed output current of 3A
  • Available in TO220-5 and TO263-5 packages
  • Guaranteed VOUT accuracy of ±2.6% with TJ from 0°C to 125°C
  • Error flag indicates VOUT status
  • Over-temperature and Over-Current protection
  • -40°C to 125°C operating TJ range


  • Microprocessor power supplies
  • GTL, GTL+, BTL, and SSTL bus terminators
  • Power supplies for DSPs
  • SCSI terminator
  • Post regulators
  • Battery chargers
  • Other battery powered applications


Texas Instruments  LP38513S-1.8EV

This board is designed to enable the evaluation of the LP38513S-1.8 Voltage Regulator. Each board is assembled and tested in the factory. This evaluation board has the TO-263 5–lead package mounted.