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LP38852 1.5A Fast-Response High-Accuracy Adjustable LDO Linear Regulator with Enable and Soft-Start



  • Adjustable VOUT randge of 0.80V to 1.8V
  • Wide VBIAS Supply operating range of 3.0V to 5.5V
  • Stable with 10µF Ceramic capacitors
  • Dropout voltageof 130mV (typical) at 1.5A load current
  • Precision Output Voltage across all line and load conditions
         - ±1.5% VADJ for TJ = 25 °C
         - ۬2.0% VADJ for 0 °C ≤TJ ≤+125 °C
         - ±3.0% VADJ for -40 C ≤TJ ≤+125 °C
  • Over-Temperature and Over-Current protection
  • Available in 8 lead PSOP, 7 lead TO-220 and 7 lead TO-263 packages
  • -40 °C to +125 °C Operating Junction Temperature Range


  • ASIC Power Supplies In
  • Desktops, Notebooks, and Graphics Cards, Servers
  • Gaming Set Top Boxes, Printers and Copiers
  • Server Core and I/O Supplies
  • DSP and FPGA Power Supplies
  • SMPS Post-Regulator


Texas Instruments  LP38852EVAL

This board is designed to allow the evaluation of the LP38852MR-ADJ Voltage Regulator. Each board is assembled and tested in the factory. This evaluation board has the PSOP-8 package mounted, and the output voltage is set to 1.20V.