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LP3907 Dual High Current Step Down DC/DC & Dual Linear Regulators w/I2C Interface Evaluation Module



  • Buck1 output range 0.8V – 2.0V at 1A
  • Buck2 output range 1V – 3.5V at 600mA
  • Up to 96% efficiency
  • 2.1MHz PWM switching frequency

Texas Instruments  LP3907TLEVM

The LP3907TL EVM allows customer to evludate the function of LP3907, which is a multi-function, programmable power management unit (PMIC), optimized for low power FPGAs, microprocessors, and DSPs.  This device integrates two highly efficient step-down DC/DC converters with dynamic voltage management (DVM), two 300mA linear regulators, and a 400 KHz I2C compatible interface to allow a host controller access to the internal control registers.