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LP5521 Evaluation Kit

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

Inventory: In stock
Limit:  1

Features for the LP5521TMEV

  • Adaptive charge pump with 1x and 1.5x gain provides up to 95% LED drive efficiency
  • Charge pump with soft start and overcurrent/short circuit protection
  • Low input ripple and EMI
  • Very small solution size, no inductor or resistors required
  • 200 nA typical shutdown current
  • Automatic power save mode
  • I2C compatible interface
  • Independently programmable constant current outputs with 8-bit current setting and 8-bit PWM control
  • Typical LED output saturation voltage 50 mV and current matching 1%
  • Three program execution engines with flexible instruction set
  • Autonomous operation without external control
  • Large SRAM program memory
  • Two general purpose digital outputs
  • microSMD-20 package, 0.4 mm pitch
  • Bumped LLP-24 package, 0.5 mm pitch


  • Fun / indicator lights
  • LCD sub-display backlighting
  • Keypad RGB backlighting and phone cosmetics
  • Vibra, speakers, waveform generator
  • Input to the LI-LO configuration, can be post regulated when supply is regulated by Buck2
  • Up to 1000 mA output current by selection of external FET


Description for the LP5521TMEV

The LP5521 is a three channel LED driver designed to produce a variety of lighting effects for mobile devices. A high efficiency charge pump enables LED driving over full Li-Ion battery voltage range. The device has a program memory for creating variety of lighting sequences. When program memory has been loaded, the LP5521 can operate independently without processor control

The LP5521 Evaluation Kit is based on a computer controlled system, where the actual LP5521 devices are controlled and powered through the USB interface. Also, external power can be used if wanted. Two different sets of LEDs can be selected, either white LEDs or RGB LEDs. Four LP5521 Devices are assembled on one board to be able to evaluate the triggering/sequencing of multiple devices in one application.