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Programmable LED Driver Evaluation Module from the PowerWise® Family



Texas Instruments  LP5522TMEV

The LP5522 is a simple single wire programmable LED controller in six bump micro SMD package. It provides constant current flow through high side driver. Output current can be set from 1mA to 20mA by using an external resistor on the ISET pin. If no external resistor is used, output current is set to 5mA default current. The LP5522 is controlled using only one signal. The signal controls either directly the LED driver or it launches previously programmed blinking sequence.

The LP5522 works autonomously without a clock signal from the master device. Very low LED driver headroom voltage makes possible to use supply voltages close to LED forward voltage. Current consumption of the LP5522 is minimized when LED is turned off and once controller is disabled all supporting functions are also shut down. Very small micro SMD package together with minimum number of external components is a best fit for handheld devices.

Evaluation Kit Overview:

The LP5522 Evaluation Kit is based on a modular system, where the actual evaluation board is plugged on top of the PC interface board. The interface operates through the USB port. The kit supports complete functional evaluation of the circuit.