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LP5912 1.8V 500mA low-noise low-Iq LDO linear regulator evaluation module



  • Operating Input Voltage : 1.6V to 6.5V
  • Output Voltage : 1.8V ±2%
  • Jumper for user selectable Enable or Disable
  • Jumper for user selectable Power Good (PG) pull-up
  • Stable with Ceramic Capacitors ≥ 1μF

Texas Instruments  LP5912DRV18EVM

The LP5912EVM facilitates evaluation of the LP5912-1.8DRVR Low-Noise, 500mA Linear Regulator with user accessible test points for Enable (EN) and Power Good (PG). The EVM is a standalone evaluation module containing one positive voltage low-dropout regulator IC for fixed voltage regulation (1.8V). The EVM demonstrates the operation of a 1.8V, 500mA ultra-low noise, low-dropout linear regulator in the 6-pin WSON/DRV package.