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High-Efficiency LED Backlight Driver Evaluation Module



  •  2.7V-20V input range
  •  28V maximum boost output voltage
  •  MSP430 microprocessor for easy communication via USB
  •  Power supply connections for the VDD and VDDIO and test points for the each signal
  •  Evaluation software

Texas Instruments  LP8555EVM

The Texas Instruments LP8555EVM evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of this device. The LP8555EVM uses the LP8555 to drive up to 12 LED strings for LCD backlighting with high efficiency. Information about output voltage and current ratings of LP8555EVM can also be found in the datasheet.

In order to facilitate ease of testing and evaluation of this circuit, the EVM contains a TI MSP430 microprocessor to provide easy communication via USB. Power supply connection for the VDD, VDDIO and test points for the each signal can be found on the evaluation board. Windows SW is used to control I2C registers of the device. Separate LED board can be used as a load or it is possible to connect LCD panel to the output connectors.