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LP873222-Q1 Dual High-Current Buck Converters and Dual Linear Regulator Evaluation Module



  • Software Controller
  • USB-TO-I²C interface supports 3.4 MHz clock rate on the I²C bus
  • Versatile GUI:  Output current measurement and status indicators
  • Console application allows running scripts. Application can execute user specified scripts.
  • Convenient test points for all I/O's

Texas Instruments  LP87323Q1EVM

The LP87323Q1EVM demonstrates the integrated circuit LP873222-Q1 from Texas Instruments. The LP873222-Q1 has two high-performance step-down converters and two LDOs, designed to meet the power management requirements of the latest applications processors in automotive applications. The LP873222-Q1 is capable of driving up to 2A+2A of load current with excellent combination of solution size and efficiency. The device is controlled via a PC and the supplied GUI. This EVM is I2C configurable, it can be programed to emulate any other OTP configuration.