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Evaluation Module for LP8770-Q1 Boost and Dual Buck Regulators With Diagnostic Functions



  • Software Controller
  • USB-TO-I²C interface supports Standard (100kHz), Fast (400kHz), Fast+ (1MHz), and High-Speed (3.4 MHz) clock rate on the I²C bus
  • Versatile GUI: Output current measurement and status indicators
  • Console application allows running scripts.  Application can execute user specified scripts.
  • Convenient test points for all I/O's

Texas Instruments  LP8770Q1EVM

The LP8770Q1EVM is designed to meet the power management requirements of the latest processor and platform needs in automotive camera and radar applications. The device contains two step-down DC-DC converters and two linear regulators and general purpose digital output signal. The device is controlled by an I²C-compatible serial interface.