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1 to 8-bit LSF Translator Family Evaluation Module



  • Supports all devices in the LSF family of level translators (LSF0101, LSF0102, LSF0204, LSF0108)
  • Layout optimized for high speed operation (up to 100 MHz up translation and greater than 100 MHz down translation)
  • Includes various connection interfaces including edge-mount SMB and differential probe connection for monitoring high speed signals
  • Populated pull up resistors that allow for simple multi-voltage level translation
  • Resistor pads to enable single voltage supply translation

Texas Instruments  LSF-EVM

The LSF family of devices are level translators that support a voltage range of 0.95V and 5V and provide multi-voltage bidirectional translation without a direction pin.

The LSF-EVM comes populated with the LSF0108PWR device and has landing patterns that are compatible with the LSF0101DRYR, LSF0102DCTR, and LSF0204PWR devices.

The LSF-EVM is optimized for high speed translation by reducing reflections for data rates greater than 100 MHz. Additionally, the design of the board enables simple evaluation as multiple connection interfaces are available and pull ups are populated which can easily be connected or disconnected through jumper connections.