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LVDS83BT 10-135 MHz 28-bit LVDS Transmitter/Serializer Evaluation Module



  • Plug and play design
  • Power the EVM by USB VBUS or 5- to 5.5-V DC IN through a power jack J3
  • Access the I2C bus through headers
  • Configurable through dip Switches

Texas Instruments  LVDS83BTSSOPEVM

The SN75LVDS83B transmitter contains four 7-bit parallel-load serial-out shift registers, a 7X clock synthesizer, and five Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) line drivers in a single integrated circuit. These functions allow 28 bits of single-ended LVTTL data to be synchronously transmitted over five balanced-pair conductors for receipt by a compatible receiver, such as the SN75LVDS82 and LCD panels with integrated LVDS receiver. This EVM is also suitable to evaluate the SN65LVDS93A and SN65LVDS93A-Q1 devices.