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Isolation Adapter for MSP LaunchPad Development Kits



  • Isolating target microcontroller from power and data signals removes influence of emulation  hardware in order to improve analog measurements
  • Galvanic isolation between emulation programming and target sides of supported development boards
  • No directly connected data signals
  • No directly connected  power supply or GND
  • Still provides all the same eZ-FET debug capabilites:  Spy-Bi-Wire, BackChannel UART, 3.3V, 5V, and GND along with connections for external power supplies

Texas Instruments  MSP-ISO

The MSP-ISO Isolation board is an easy-to-use plug-in module that offers galvanic isolation between the Debug and Target circuits for MSP430 LaunchPad developers. This is important in cases where the debug circuitry may adversely affect the quality of analog signal measurements made by the MSP430 microcontroller.

MSP430 LaunchPad™ Development Kit designs from Texas Instruments provide an isolation boundary for all signals – including power and data - between the eZ-FET debug probe and the MCU target sections of the board. This isolation is forfeited using the simple jumpers that ship with the LaunchPad. The MSP-ISO Isolation board, though, plugs into this header and connects the signals while maintaining the isolation between the two sides of the MSP430 LaunchPad.