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100-pin Target Development Board for SimpleLink™ MSP432P4x MCUs (microcontroller not included)

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

Inventory: In stock
Limit:  10

Features for the MSP-TS432PZ100

  • Development board (MSP-TS432PZ100) with a ZIF socket fitting MSP432P401x derivatives in 100-pin LQFP (PZ) packages includes an LED indicator, JTAG adapter, and header pin-outs for prototyping
  • Supports the XDS200 Debug Probe and all ARM®Cortex®-M debugging interfaces compatible with a standard 10 or 20-pin JTAG header (please purchase separately).

Description for the MSP-TS432PZ100

Note: This kit does not include MSP432 microcontroller (MCU) samples. To sample the compatible devices, please visit the MSP432P401R or MSP432P401Mproduct page

The MSP-TS432PZ100 is a standalone ZIF socket target board used to program and debug the SimpleLink™ MSP432 MCU in-system through the JTAG interface or the Serial Wire Debug (SWD 2-wire JTAG) protocol.

Device Support: The MSP-TS432PZ100 development board supports MSP432P401x Flash parts in a 100-pin LQFP package (TI package code: PZ).

The MSP-TS432PZ100 is part of the SimpleLink MCU platform which consists of Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® low energy, Sub-1 GHz and host MCUs, which all share a common, easy-to-use development environment with a single core software development kit (SDK) and rich tool set. A one-time integration of the SimpleLink platform enables you to add any combination of the portfolio’s devices into your design, allowing 100 percent code reuse when your design requirements change. For more information, visit www.ti.com/simplelink.