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OPT3002 light-to-digital sensor evaluation module




  • Small Form Factor
  • Intuitive GUI Software
  • Protective Plastic Case
  • 100mil spaced test points for easy experimentation with external controllers


Texas Instruments  OPT3002EVM

The OPT3002 is an ambient light sensor (ALS) with a digital output integrated circuit.  It uses a two-wire interface that works with the I2C protocol making it ideal for many applications.  The OPT3002EVM is a platform for evaluating the performance of the OPT3002 under various conditions.  The OPT3002EVM consists of two PCBs  The first is the SM-USB-DIG board that communicates with the computer, provides power and send and receives appropriate digital signals.  The second is the OPT3002 test board, which contains the OPT3002 and it’s support circuitry.