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OPT3006 digital ambient light sensor (ALS) with high-precision human-eye response evaluation module



  • Small, ultra-thin form factor, demonstrating Flex-PCB mounting
  • Demonstration of FPCB cutout, allowing light to illuminate the sensor
  • Mechanical-only device example for size demonstration
  • USB Hardware Interface
  • Intuitive GUI Software
  • Protective Plastic Case
  • 100mil spaced test points for easy experimentation with external controllers

Texas Instruments  OPT3006EVM

The OPT3006 is an ambient light sensor (ALS) with a digital output integrated circuit. It comes in an ultra-thin Picostar package form factor, allowing it to fit into small spaces. The OPT3006 is mounted on a Flexible-PCB, which contains an example cut-out that allows the light to illuminate the sensor. It uses a two-wire interface that works with the I2C protocol making it ideal for many applications.

The OPT3006EVM is a platform for evaluating the performance of the OPT3006 under various conditions. The OPT3006EVM consists of two PCBs. The first is the SM-USB-DIG board that communicates with the computer, provides power, and send and receives appropriate digital signals. The second is the OPT3006 test board, which is a rigid PCB with a Flex-PCB mounted which contains the OPT3006.