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Four-transmit, six-receive, X-band, RF-sampling AFE with 12-GSPS DACs and 3-GSPS ADCs

US ECCN: 5A991B US/Local Export Classification Number

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Limit:  50

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Lead finish / Ball material Call TI
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  • RoHS
  • Device marking
  • Lead finish/Ball material
  • MSL rating/Peak reflow
  • MTBF/FIT estimates
  • Material content
  • Qualification summary
  • Ongoing reliability monitoring
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Packaging information

Package | Pins Package qty | Carrier: Operating temperature range (°C)
FCBGA (ABJ) | 400 90 | JEDEC TRAY (5+1)
-40 to 85
Package | Pins FCBGA (ABJ) | 400
Package qty | Carrier: 90 | JEDEC TRAY (5+1)
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 85
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Features for the AFE7950

  • Quad RF sampling 12-GSPS transmit DACs
  • Quad RF sampling 3-GSPS receive ADCs
  • Dual RF sampling 3-GSPS feedback (auxilliary RX) ADCs
  • Maximum RF signal bandwidth:
    • 4TX/2FB: 1200 MHz or 2TX: 2400 MHz
    • RX): 1200 MHz (no FB)/600 MHz (with FB)
  • RF frequency range:
    • TX: 600 MHz - 12 GHz
    • RX/FB: 600 MHz - 12 GHz
  • Digital step attenuators (DSA):
    • TX: 40 dB range, 0.125-dB steps
    • RX/FB: 25 dB range, 0.5-dB steps
  • Single or dual-band DUC/DDCs for TX and RX
  • 16x NCOs per TX/RX and FB
  • Optional Internal PLL/VCO for DAC/ADC clocks or external clock at DAC or ADC sample rate
  • SerDes data interface:
    • JESD204B and JESD204C compatible
    • 8 SerDes transceivers up to 29.5 Gbps
    • Subclass 1 multi-device synchronization
  • Package: 17-mm × 17-mm FCBGA, 0.8-mm pitch

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Description for the AFE7950

The AFE7950 is a high performance, wide bandwidth multi-channel transceiver, integrating four RF sampling transmitter chains, four RF sampling receiver chains and two RF sampling feedback chains (six RF sampling ADCs total). With operation up to 12 GHz, this device enables direct RF sampling in the L, S, C and X-band frequency ranges without the need for additional frequency conversions stages. This improvement in density and flexibility enables high-channel-count, multi-mission systems.

The TX signal paths support interpolation and digital up conversion options that deliver up to 1200 MHz of signal bandwidth for four TX or 2400 MHz for two TX. The output of the DUCs drives a 12-GSPS DAC (digital to analog converter) with a mixed mode output option to enhance 2nd Nyquist operation. The DAC output includes a variable gain amplifier (TX DSA) with 40-dB range and 1-dB analog and 0.125-dB digital steps.


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