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PCM1864 103dB 4-Ch Software-Controlled Audio ADC With Universal Front End Evaluation Module



  • Simple external 5-V power connection or USB power from USB-I2X
  • All register programming can be done via USB through USB-I2X using PurePath™ Console
  • Headers and test points available for most signals to and from PCM1864
  • Digital audio can be streamed from included SPDIF optical connectors or through USB to PC
  • Onboard PCM9211 allows EVM to receive and transmit digital audio via optical/SPDIF connectors

Texas Instruments  PCM1864EVM

The PCM1864 evaluation module (EVM) is an easy-to-use board for full evaluation of the four channel PCM1864 analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The included USB-12X board connects the EVM to the PC and provides 5-V power. The PCM1864EVM is controlled by PurePath™ Console, which allows the ability to load, run, and save scripts.