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PCM4104 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Two PCM4104 audio D/A converters, providing an eight-channel D/A conversion system
  • Single-ended analog outputs, each with a 2nd-order analog filter and an RCA Output jack
  • An onboard AES3 receiver, supporting 75-ohm coaxial cable input
  • A buffered host port supports connection to a external microprocessor or DSP
  • Flexible power supply configuration using either onboard regulatorsor external supplies

Texas Instruments  PCM4104EVM

The PCM4104EVM provides a convenient platform for evaluating the performance and functionality of the PCM4104 device. A switch on the EVM allows the user to select the audio clock and data source, which is either the audio serial port or the AES3 receiver output. When using the audio serial port, data for the eight audio channels can be input independently. An external 2nd-order Butterworth low-pass active filter circuit filters each PCM4104 analog output. The PCM4104EVM can be configured to operate in either Standalone on software mode. In Standalone mode onboard switches provide direct control of the dedicated input pins. While in the software mode, the PCM4104 can be controlled by buffered inputs controlled by microprocessor, digital signal processor, or another device operating the PCM4104 SPI port.