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PCM4201 Evaluation Module (EVM)

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

Inventory: In stock
Limit:  3

Features for the PCM4201EVM

  • Simple configuration using onboard DIP switches
  • Buffered audio serial port output supports connection to external DSP hardware or audio test
  • Differential input buffer and filter circuit utilizing the Texas Interments OPA2134 dual OP AMP
  • Differential voltage input supporting either 3-pin XLR or Balanced TRS connections
  • External system clock input allows operation at alternative sampling frequencies

Description for the PCM4201EVM

The PCM4201EVM provides a convenient platform for evaluating the performance and functionality of the single channel PCM4201 audio device. The EVM has a differential analog input channel. This channel is buffered and filtered using a low noise input circuit, a Texas Instruments OPA2134 dual operational amplifier. This signal is sent to the input of the PCM4201, where it is converted to PCM signal. This PCM output is made available at header J3. The audio data is routed to a Texas Instruments DIT4096 and brought out on BNC J5. The AES3 encoded output may be connected to audio test systems or commercial audio equipment.